This site was created as part of the COPLAC’s (Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges) Conflict in America course which is sponsored by the Mellon Foundation grant. The aim of this website is to explore and illustrate the struggle of the Eastern Band Cherokee of North Carolina fight for citizenship and the right to vote. The website is a collaborative project by the University of North Carolina at Asheville scholars, Kayla Taylor and Ben Allen. This project is therefore, a hyper-local study of politics, law, culture, and race within western North Carolina. More importantly, our project attempts to provide a more nuanced analysis of voter suppression, race relations, sovereignty, allegiance, and citizenship of the Eastern Band Cherokee of North Carolina. It is our intention to invigorate a dedication to honest scholarship regarding Native lives with regards to their struggles, setbacks, and victories. We are attempting to dutifully combat the marginalization of the Native experience in both North Carolina’s and U.S’s histories by valuing the roles within them.