Project Proposal

Description: Your Project Proposal is an opportunity for each team to submit their preliminary ideas for their class project, and receive feedback before finalizing their Project Contract. In this class, you will be identifying an example of conflict resolution in your region. The example can be historical or contemporary. You will be gathering information from various sources, which could include: oral histories, interviews, digitized documents, audio or video material, digitized photographs, other information from websites or historical archives. Teams are free to do their own investigation or information gathering. Your project will be in the form of a website that displays all of your material, along with a narrative or analysis of the conflict you have chosen, the resolution strategies demonstrated, and the impact these strategies had on the communities involved. Your research proposal should contain the following information:

Title: Give your project a preliminary title that is both catchy and descriptive.

Mission/Goal of Project:

  • Supply a preliminary description of the conflict resolution you will be exploring, including the basic facts (who, what, when, where, etc.).
  • Explain your rationale for why this example is important, and what impact it might have on a wider audience.
  • Give a general description of what your website will look like.
    • What information will it contain?
    • How will the information be structured?

Technical details:

  • Generate ideas about how you want your website to look? Give some general details about the theme and layout of the site.
  • Describe your general ideas for what other tools/programs you will employ on your project site, and how they will serve your audience.