Reflection Post

I think submitting this post last, is a reflection of how I have been able to manage my time this last semester lol. Nonetheless, I think it important to pen some last words at to conclude this semester long project. I first want to thank my project partner Ben Allen, for truly collaborating on this project. I felt no sense of egoism, selfishness, or general unkindness from him at all, which was a breath of fresh air, but also sad because this is the last collaborative project of my undergrad career. My surprise didn’t stop here, the support I got from Dr. Welsh and Dr. Wallace and Leah and Cassidy were more than I could hope for. I believe in my heart of hearts that this feeling of support revitalized my want to not only finish the project, but to finish the project the best way I knew how. The only thing I wish I could have changed about this project, is that I did it in another semester that wasn’t my last, and when I didn’t have to write my Senior Thesis. I think if nothing else, this site will be a testament of the intensive and collaborative scholarship I engaged in during undergrad. I am indeed proud and exited to continue learning about the Eastern Band and its politics. I have been telling people that I am most excited about this post-graduation summer to read recreationally and I don’t doubt that Cherokee history will make the list.

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