Almost complete!

Hey everybody! Hope you all are having an alright time in these last few weeks of class. I went through this afternoon and figured out what still needs to be completed as far as polishing and editing for the Progress & Resistance website. So, here’s what I have!

  1. Review Mellon Grant requirements for homepage acknowledgement/look back at Leah’s email with graphic
  2. Create citation page & go through and ensure citations are made for each individual source. Make these abundantly clear.
  3. Remove all links from HTML format and reformat once setting for ‘open in new tab’ is on.¬†
  4. Standardize LGBTQIA+ acronym across website
  5. Remove links from HTML & reformat with shortened hyperlinks
  6. Create & write takeaways page 
  7. Reformat sidebar design with “Creation”, “Community Discussion” and “Passage of the NDO” as narrative road markers
  8. Include an About page on the menu
  9. Review notes from Dr. Wallace’s email to go over smaller changes

I am really proud of the website and can’t wait to make it look as good as possible. I’ll be spending tonight and tomorrow working on it heavily.

Best of luck to everyone! – Lillian


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