Over the course of the Spring 2019 semester, each campus’ students worked to research an example of conflict and attempted resolution in their college towns and regions.  They used local resources on their campuses and local communities, including: university and public libraries and archives, student and town newspapers, local government records and websites, and oral interviews with students, professors, and community members.

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Sonoma State University

Project: “Rocking My Roots!”

Student: Janice Johnson

State University of New York (SUNY) Geneseo

Project: “The Momentive Strike: A Microcosmic Installment in the Steady Decline of the American Middle Class”

Student: Noah Coates

University of Montevallo

Project: “Progress and Resistance: Conflict & Resolution on the Non-Discrimination Ordinance in Montevallo, Alabama”

Students: Kendall Criswell and Lillian Rouse

University of North Carolina–Asheville

Project: “Blood for the Ballot: The Fight for Citizenship and Suffrage for the Eastern Band Cherokee of North Carolina”

Students: Ben Allen and Kayla Taylor